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Marc Walker profile

Marc Walker | Co-founder

During his career, Marc has learned to help individuals discover and unleash their potential, something that he’s honed and continues to perfect today.

“I absolutely love helping people grow. Whether it be growing an organization or helping them to increase their income, nothing beats the amazement in someone’s eyes when they begin to make more in a single month than they made in a year at their regular job!”

Marc has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA from BYU. Throughout his extensive career in network marketing, Marc has made an impact everywhere he has gone. While heading a multi-million dollar international market at one company, he grew sales by 75% in two years. Later, when he was able to increase sales in over 25 international markets, he realized that with great Distributor leaders and great employees, a company could accomplish amazing things.

When he’s able to pry himself away from the office, Marc enjoys spending time with his wife and family of three and occasionally something with an engine in it. “The faster, the better,” he says.