Virtual Regional Roadshow

July 13, 2024 | Online Access | Local Watch Parties

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Exclusive training, giveaways, contests, and more.

Join your fellow X Brand Partners and register for July's Virtual Regional Roadshow! 🚗

Get ready for friends, fun, and a FABULOUS session of knowledge-dropping that will boost your motivation, beef up your skill set, and build your spirit up with like-minded individuals, both fellow builders and corporate experts.

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What to Expect

Legendary Leadership 💪

We're bringing in the big guns. Leaders that you look up to with tried and true methods of making that money and changing those lives!

Training & Takeaways 🥡

Training tailored to do one thing: Push you and your business to the next level and help you enroll, retain, and level up your team.

Event-Exclusive Prizes & Merch ✨

We're so excited to see you that we've planned a whole host of event-exclusive giveaways, contests, and even all-new Xyngular merch!