Chairman's Circle

Chairman's Circle

Xyngular invites you to reserve your place in the 2019 Chairman's Circle! Qualified Distributors will earn a trip for 2 to join us in Paris, France or New York City. Read the requirements below to see how you can qualify!

Chairman's Circle 2019 • Paris, France

Chairman's Circle Requirements for Paris:

In order to qualify for the Paris trip Xyngular has to reach $150 million and the following:

  • Have 72 personal new starts with at least 120 PV during 2019.
  • Grow their cumulative 2019 Paid As QV by a minimum of 40% over 2018. (Paid as QV is the QV associated with your paid rank each month. Distributors who did not have 2018 volume do not need to meet this requirement)
  • Hit a minimum of 140,000 QV in at least one month during 2019
  • Hit a minimum of 100,000 QV (Executive) in December 2019


  • Hit any Ambassador rank in the 4th quarter of 2019 (October, November, or December)

Chairman's Circle Requirements for NYC:

In order to qualify for the NYC trip Xyngular has to reach $150 million and the following:

  • Help Xyngular achieve 120,000 enrollments between January 1-December 31, 2019.
  • Reach 72 personal enrollments of 120 PV or more.

*Distributors that qualify for both trips can choose between Paris or NYC.

**Enrollments that return their inception order will not count toward the required total.