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Partner with Xyngular for daily pay and monthly bonuses as you build a legacy business.

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Daily Pay

You earn daily when customers order products. Up to 20% earnings for new customers!

Rapid Rewards

Earn big for first-time customers! Refer a friend and earn 20% on their first month order volume. You even earn 10% back on their customer's orders too!

​ ​

Residual Earnings

Follow up orders? Of course you get paid! You earn 10% from everyone you introduced and 7% on everyone they introduce.

We call these levels, and you earn a percentage for up to 8 levels.

Monthly Bonuses

Don't wait for a bonus once a year. Partner with Xyngular for monthly bonuses! Bonus at first rank and extras that grow with you!

Global Sales Pools

"Are you still doing those pools gone wild?"

-Direct Sales Executive

You betcha! We pay a 1% share of global Xyngular volume to each rank. Earn up to 12 1% shares every single month.

Leadership Bonus*

Up to a $1,000,000 bonus! Our leaders earn monthly extras for their achievements.

New Partner Bonuses

In your first 30 days as a new Partner you have the chance to earn two different bonuses to kickstart your business. Hit the ground running and earn extra cash with Xyngular!

Quick Start

Help four customers and get a total of 500QV in your first 30-days for an extra $100.
Double your volume and we'll double the bonus. 1,000 in volume from customer orders and $200 for you!
Call your mama, your best friend, your boss, and your cousin and use that extra cash to pay for your first order!

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Xtreme Builder Bonus

If you're ready to hit turbo speed we offer the Xtreme Builder Bonus. Hit milestones in your first 45, 75, and 105 days with Xyngular and you could earn up to $9,000 in bonuses! Download PDF>

Tips for Success

Make new genuine connections every day . Get to know them and their needs before offering solutions.

6 Tips for Making Connections

Set health and business goals for yourself and your team. Remind everyone regularly of their goals to stay on track.

4 Tips for Goal Setting

Teach your team to do the same things. You need a full team following you to see success!

Success Stories

Learn how other Partners work their business to find success.

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*These earnings are based off of specific qualifications and are not guaranteed. These are gross earnings and do not include expenses incurred by the Partner in building their business. Visit to view the Xyngular Income Summary. In 2022 the percentage of individuals who have earned the leadership bonus are 0.1%.