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In a world where weight loss plans seem to be a dime a dozen, what’s the hype about Xyngular? This unique weight loss plan works so well because the scientifically researched X Plus kit covers the whole spectrum of needs for your body during a weight loss transformation. This kit helps shift habits, supports fat burning, boosts energy, and supports healthy digestion so you won’t feel miserable or deprived along the way.

The Xyngular X Plus Kit

The X Plus Kit includes 8 different products to give you an easy plan to reach your health goals. These products range from drinks and powders to vitamin supplements. Each product works to achieve a different result, including protecting the body from free radicals and boosting metabolism.* Here are a few product highlights:

Complete Probiotic™: These healthy probiotics support every cell and function of the body, including the immune system. These good bacteria improve gut health and the digestive system, so you’re maximizing the benefits of every nutritious thing you eat in your weight loss journey.*

Lean™: This snack replacement supports the building of lean muscles. Unlike other high-calorie protein shakes, this drink is just 50-70 calories and manages to deliver 10 grams of usable protein. The two types of protein included help to make you feel more full than you would with a traditional protein drink.*

Xyngular Complete Collagen™: This tasty drink is power-packed with 10 grams of gut-loving collagen to improve your digestion, support your natural ability to produce collagen, and improve skin elasticity. Collagen will keep your joints feeling young and help you recover during those times of activity on your weight loss journey.*

While eight products may seem hard to keep track of, Xyngular makes it easy. The X Plus kit simplifies the process by including a nutrition guide, meal plans, and the support of a large Xyngular online community to keep you motivated, answer questions, and support you during your weight loss journey!

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Because of the unique combination of supplements that help bring your body to peak performance, Xyngular’s X Plus kit can deliver results in as little as eight days. Now is the time to achieve your goals and alter bad habits—login or contact your Distributor to start making the change today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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