What Happens When You Eat Fat And Carbs Together

Fat and Carbs

With just about anything in life, moderation and awareness are key. Carbs and fat both have their purpose in our daily diets and can serve as fuel in their own way. Think milk, nuts and avocados when it comes to fats and whole grains when it comes to carbs. They all have a place in our lives and our health. However, when you combine the two they can trigger a reaction in your brain that just may have you reconsidering the combo.

Keep reading to learn all about the way fats and carbs work in our digestive system.

What You Need To Know About Fat And Carbs

Fat and carbs! You may be familiar…they are everywhere, whether it’s the fat in the avocado you are slicing into to add to your salad, or the carbs in the bowl of pasta you were planning to consume for dinner. It’s always important to understand what you are putting into your body and eating carbs and fat is no different.

There are “bad fats,” “bad carbs,” “eating too many carbs” and the list goes on. But what is important is creating the right balance when eating and choosing the most natural food possible. If your fat and carbs are always coming from the juiciest, cheesiest burger on the fluffiest bun with a generous slather of mayo, you may want to consider replacing those with some healthier combinations. For example—creamy avocado smeared onto whole-grain toast.

Fats and carbs create a powerful feeling in your brain that may just have you reaching for the cheese fries. Keep reading to learn more about the effects of fats and carbs.

9 Things That Happen When You Eat Fat And Carbs

When you are putting foods into your body that are unhealthy and serve only as filler without providing fuel and nutrients, you will not be able to perform at your maximum potential. Maintaining a good mood, strong mental stamina, physical health, and powerful sleep patterns is really determined by how you fuel your body. Starting your day off with poor nutrition only leads to lethargic feelings, poor digestion, sluggishness, and a lack of energy.

Learn about the best foods to put into your body and what combinations of foods to avoid to put yourself on the road to better health.

1. The Combination of Fat and Carbs Triggers Cravings

The brain processes carbs and fats separately. But when you eat carbs and fats together, cue the french fries, both systems are activated, making us go a little food crazy. In addition, studies have shown that this heady combination increases the sensations of cravings, reward, and goal-directed actions, all while releasing dopamine. Those baskets of bottomless french fries feed the cravings!

2. Insulin in Overdrive

Combining fat with carbohydrates causes a release in hormones known as incretins. When these hormones are stimulated, the result is that more insulin is released. When insulin levels increase, so does our ability to store fat. This combination makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and definitely challenging to lose weight.

3. Making Unhealthy Choices

When you’re carrying extra fat or weight on your body, your body has an abundance of energy stores. With that being said, your body will not crave high energy, high nutrient-dense foods, which sends you further down the potato chips and french fries hole instead of to the land of fruits and vegetables and protein.

4. A Natural Exception

In nature, we very rarely see carbs and fats together. However, there are a few exceptions. Milk is the perfect composition of both carbs and fats, as well as avocados and nuts. However, avocados and nuts also contain a lot of fiber which helps to reduce carbohydrates. These whole food sources of fat and carbs do not remotely equate to the fats and carbs found in a bucket of cheeseballs.

5. Increased Risk of Heart Disease

When you have an excessive carbohydrate intake, your body will experience high levels of blood sugar from the food sugar and starch. With time, not only will this lead to weight gain, but you also have a much-increased risk of developing heart disease.

6. Junk Food Addiction

Have you ever felt like you could not stop eating junk food? Look no further than the magical combination of fats and carbs. They are essentially all of what “fast food” is made up of. Whether it be french fries, onion rings (care to supersize), or a giant burger coated in cheese and mayo, fats and carbs are almost always part of the equation. Truly addicted? Maybe not, but many of us experience a powerful draw to eat these types of foods.

7. Increased Risk of High Cholesterol

When you think of a combination of carbs and fats, you may be thinking about foods such as fast food, donuts, frozen pizza, crackers, and chips. These types of fats are not only not good for you, but they are also human-made, giving the food a desired taste and texture. This combination is known for increasing the total cholesterol risk, therefore increasing the chance of a stroke.

8. Feel the Reward

Studies have also shown that the combination of eating carbs and fat together creates a sense of reward in the brain, therefore making each bite feel more like a satisfying reward versus eating carbs or fat on its own. What sounds more delicious? A slice of bread? A slice of cheese? Or a grilled cheese sandwich? See what we mean?

9. Estimation

In another puzzle of how the human brain works, it turns out that when presented with both fat and carbs, studies have shown that people are able to correctly estimate the calories in fat but not in carbohydrates. Incorrectly guessing information about what you are consuming can also lead to weight gain.

Digestion is the Key to Success

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