The Ultimate System for Summer Weight Loss

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If you haven’t stuck your head outside in awhile, here’s your reminder stating the obvious: summer is here!

Yes—it’s hot out there. You’ve probably noticed. Lots of people set their sights on hitting their weight loss goals by the summer season—but what about the rest of us?

Here’s the great news: summer is actually a GREAT time to either start or continue working on your health and weight loss goals.

The long days and warm temps can make it easier to fit in your workouts, and there are plenty of ways to get active.

Jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, biking, rowing, gardening, riding, paddling…the list goes on and on! What is your favorite way to get out and active in the summer season?

But just like the season heating up, you need to have the right tools and system in place to “heat up” your result. And that’s where the Ultimate System can really accelerate your summer weight loss.

Simplify Your Summer with the Ultimate

You’ve got lots to do this summer, so we get it: You don’t want to be spending your days stressing about prepping food, following complicated steps, and so on.

With the Ultimate System, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of losing weight. As our most effective system for quickly losing the most weight, the Ultimate System addresses all 15 reasons that most other plans fail.

We’ve thought of everything—meal plans, schedules, daily reminders—all you have to do is follow along! And with your virtual weight-loss coach Xander supporting you through your phone, it really couldn’t be easier.

That means more time for enjoying your summer and weight loss, and less time spent second-guessing yourself.

What’s in the Ultimate?

The Ultimate System is the best way to get some of our best products working together. Here are a few of the products included in your Ultimate System:

Accelerate: Featuring Thermolit Blend, Accelerate is clinically proven to help you burn fat three times faster than today’s top-selling fat burner. With a stimulant-free formula, Accelerate naturally restores your fat-burning potential.

Trimstix: It's important to stay hydrated and refreshed during these hot summer days. Trimstix is a delicious drink mix that helps you get your daily water intake, while helping to curb sugar cravings.

Lean: With high-quality nutrition and 10 g of protein per serving, you can improve your weight-loss results with Lean. This minimal-calorie, gluten-free protein shake provides you with a diverse blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

Keep Summer Success Going!

Weight loss isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon!

You likely won’t reach all your goals within the 30 days of your Ultimate System. So maybe the best part of the Ultimate System? Its exclusive $100 product credit toward your next purchase!

We wanted to make it just a bit easier to continue your weight loss journey and continue becoming more. So you’ll end up saving BIG when you take advantage of this perk, only available with the Ultimate System. Pretty good deal, right?

We’d love to hear about your summer weight-loss strategies, successes and struggles! Use the hashtags #Xyngular and #BecomingMore to share your summer with us.

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