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You train your body to be stronger and healthier. You take control of your diet and make healthy nutrition choices. Now you are ready to train your mind. But how do you know where to start?

In order to improve your lifestyle you need to train your focus. When you are focused on achieving your goals, you are more likely to follow through and take action. Use these steps to begin training your focus to achieve the life you have always wanted.


One of the keys to improving your focus is practicing active meditation. This is different from passive meditation where you work on releasing stress and emptying your mind. In active meditation, you take a proactive role in deciding what you want to focus on. You visualize the exact outcome that you are working towards in vivid detail.

When you meditate, you are training your mind to see what you are working towards. You are in essence, creating the world that you want to live in. However, it doesn’t happen without a concentrated effort. Dragos Roua makes the the case for using conscious visualization techniques. He states, “Sometimes, our mind just takes over. Its frozen structures are triggered by outside events and, instead of answering to these stimuli with presence, we just go by auto-pilot. We answer by reflex, not by judging in the context. And, by doing this, most of the time we screw up.”

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Test Your Limits

Trying a new exercise routine can test your limits and help you train your focus. When you try new things you have to focus on the small details. Form, breathing, cadence, muscle engagement...all of these things require a great amount of focus when you are new to any activity.

It also takes mental discipline to engage in a new sport. Whether it is developing the toughness to push through one more rep in the weight room, or to run one more mile you have to learn to read your body’s cues. You need to learn when it’s ok to keep pushing, and when you need to back off. This requires an understanding of your body’s signals. You need to focus on being in tune with your body and learn how to properly interpret the signs it sends you.

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Supplement Your Lifestyle

Sometimes your lack of focus is the result of fatigue. If you are experiencing “brain fog,” then it may indicate you are lacking nutrients. In that case, you need to supplement your diet to improve your focus. Fitness First makes the case for a balance of micronutrients, stating, “Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals and other smaller molecules, and not getting enough of these can have adverse effects on your mental performance over the longer term.”

XYNG is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to help boost your energy levels and improve your mood. It can help support your mental training, as well as your weight loss efforts.

Improve Your Lifestyle

When you learn to train your focus you’ll be able to more readily visualize your goals and gain the ability to improve your lifestyle day-by-day.

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