Breeze Through the Holidays with this Thanksgiving Diet Guide

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Ahhhhh, the holidays. You know, those last couple months where we send the year out with a bang. They’re about getting together with family and friends, celebrating, showing kindness to mankind, giving gifts, and eating—let’s not forget the eating. The time from November to January 1st is basically a giant food fest. It’s when we give into temptation, throw caution to the wind, and indulge...for nearly two months straight.

The constant stream of parties and cookie deliveries can strike fear into the heart of the novice and disciplined dieter alike. How do you stay the course and not lose all the progress you’ve worked for through the year? Is it really possible, or even worth it, to try and stick to a Thanksgiving diet? It is, and all you need is a little Thanksgiving diet guide.

How Much Weight Do You Gain Over The Holidays?

The good news is, you’re not likely to gain as much weight over the holidays as you think you are. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the average weight gain from mid-November to New Years is actually only around 1lb. A careful approach to the holidays will allow you to indulge a bit without throwing you completely off course.

How Many Calories Are In A Typical Thanksgiving Dinner?

They say a typical Thanksgiving dinner has around 3,000 calories. That’s a lot, but not overly terrible when you consider the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories for women, and 2,500 calories for men. And it wouldn’t be so bad if that were the only meal you ate that day. However, when you add in drinks, dessert, and appetizers, the Thanksgiving feast total climbs closer to 4,500 calories. And if you eat breakfast or any other meals that day (which you should), it’s possible to eat two or three days worth of calories in a single day. It’s no wonder we all go comatose afterwards.

Can Thanksgiving Ruin Your Diet?

The problem with Thanksgiving isn’t the day or the meal itself. Going overboard for one day certainly won’t ruin your whole diet. The problem is when we use that one day of indulgence to justify a season of binging.

A personal trainer friend of mine described it well. She used the example of getting a flat tire on your car. When you get a flat tire, you don’t get out of the car, look at the flat, decide it’s hopeless, and shoot out the other three tires. It’s funny, but oftentimes that’s how we approach our diet failures. We let ourselves go for a day, and then decide since we’ve gone that far, we might as well go all the way for the rest of our lives. It’s important to treat it as an individual occurrence and not let it become a habit.

How Do You Do The Thanksgiving Diet?

If you’ve previously been watching your caloric intake, Thanksgiving can be a treacherous time for sure, but there is a way to enjoy all the goodness of a Thanksgiving feast without losing all your gains (so to speak). Making a few small substitutions and watching your serving sizes can make a big difference. This Thanksgiving diet guide can help:

With these small modifications, you can save yourself around 1,000 calories! Plus, you still get a complete, and delicious, Thanksgiving meal.

More Thanksgiving Diet Tips:

What else can you do to help keep yourself in check on Thanksgiving and for the rest of the year? Here are a few more of our Thanksgiving diet guide tips that you can use throughout the holiday season.

  • Drink a Glass of Water First: If you’re about to sit down to a big meal and are worried about overindulging, start by drinking a glass of water. This will help you feel more full, so you’re less likely to want to devour everything in sight.
  • Don’t Skip Meals: I know, it’s tempting logic to save calories during the day by skipping a meal or two when you know you have a big party or event coming up. Sadly, that doesn’t usually end well because you’ll be extra hungry and are more likely to overeat. Plus, you might be a little hangry too, and no one wants a hangry party guest.
  • Put Your Fork Down Between Bites: This tip is good for everyday, and not just the holidays. Putting your fork down between bites lets you enjoy each mouthful instead of rushing to clean your plate. It’s like your mom always said, “It’s not a race!” Slow it down and you’re likely to eat less overall.
  • Fill Up on Vegetables First: Be mindful of what you put on your plate. Start with a lot of vegetables and then fill in with other things. Vegetables tend to be lower in calories and have high fiber content, so they make you feel full faster.
  • Wait at Least Ten Minutes Before Getting Seconds: It takes a minute for your brain and your stomach to get on the same page. After you finish eating, give yourself at least a ten minute break before you go back for more. This will help you determine if your body is really hungry, or if your brain just wants more.
  • Get an Ally: Everyone can use a little extra help. That’s where Xnyngular Resist and Xyngular Cheat come in. These fiber based supplements are taken right before a meal and help curb your appetite. Resist is a tasty wild cherry chew you can take right before meals up to four times a day. It suppresses your hunger and helps you feel full faster. Cheat is a gel capsule that you also take before meals. It too helps you feel full faster, but it goes a step further and actually traps a portion of the consumed food in your stomach to keep your body from absorbing the calories. Both can give you a little extra willpower and an edge on your Thanksgiving diet.*
  • Indulge...A Little: It’s the holidays! No one expects you to abstain from everything tasty and delicious. It’s ok to eat the meal, have the pie, the cookie, or whatever else you want. Just be sure that one cookie doesn’t turn into seven, and that one meal doesn’t become a weeklong all-you-can-eat buffet. Placing hard restrictions on what you can and can’t have makes you more likely to go overboard if you ever “fall off the wagon.”

So enjoy your Thanksgiving this year, and enjoy the day after Thanksgiving without all the post-Thanksgiving guilt. Instead, spend it focused on your family, your friends, and the good fortune you’ve been blessed with in your life!

And if you want a little extra help, you can take Cheat 30 minutes before you sit down to eat your meal. The naturally sourced fiber will expand in your stomach, creating a full feeling and curbing your appetite. And if you want extra help, or didn’t plan ahead, you can take Resist immediately before eating to curb your hunger and feel full faster.*

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