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You have got rise and grind on lock. Every day you’re working your hardest to improve your health AND build a successful business. Which is why it’s important to streamline as many of your processes as possible. It’s a lot simpler to focus on your goals when you’re not focused on simple errands that can be automated.

When you subscribe to your favorite Xyngular products, you can cross “Remember to order your Ignite System for next month,” off of your list and prioritize your goals instead.

Beyond making it simpler to focus on what matters, adding Xyngular products to a subscription order can help set you up for success with your business, too. How? We’re glad you asked!

  1. PV maintenance. When you set your order to subscription, you can make sure your PV is taken care of each month. Rather than having to worry if you’re hitting your PV goals every time you make an order, set it once with your must-haves, and forget it.
  2. Free products. When you put the products you use each month on subscription, you can earn Rewards points that you can redeem for FREE products. These free products are great for trying something new, so you can have samples on hand, or to use as giveaways for your team.
  3. Practice what you preach. Helping people on your team maintain PV is valuable as they build their businesses—show them how simple that can be when they subscribe! You’ll know firsthand as you set an example of good business-building behavior.

Ready to set your subscription? It’s easy. Follow these simple steps to start earning perks today:

  1. Begin by signing into your Xyngular Back Office.
  2. Select “My Account.”
  3. Then click on “Manage Subscriptions.”
  4. Customize your order with your favorite products—don’t worry, you can update your subscriptions at any time.
  5. Get your favorite products shipped to your door!
  6. As a bonus, earn Rewards points for free Xyngular products!

Start your subscription now!

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