Sticky Habits: Consistency is Key

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Bruce Lee once said, “I do not fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, but I do fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Why? Consistent good habits lead to success.

Every day you make choices that set the stage for the rest of your life. When you make the same, healthy choices, day after day, you’ve got a platform for success. Whether you’re working toward a fitness goal, mastering a new skill, or simply trying to lead a healthier life, the foundation is consistency.

Consistency might not be the sexiest of topics to talk about, but does actually work. Fads fade and quick solutions simply don’t work. The only way to ensure success—no matter what you’re working toward—is by doing the small things, every day.

4 Simple Tips For Sticking To Healthy Habits

Need some help staying consistent with your healthy habits? We’ve got you. Try following these tips to make sticking to it a little simpler.

1. Automate what you can. The day to day errands we have to tackle take up precious time and energy. When you can set and forget the basics, you have more energy that you can devote to focusing on what you want to work on. This can be as simple as putting your bills on auto-pay or setting up subscriptions to the products you use every day.

2. Prioritize good behavior. The fact is, as much as we like to think of ourselves as multi-taskers, evidence shows that it doesn’t work. Instead of trying to tackle everything on your to-do list at once, set your day up for success by scheduling the important things—and that means good habits you are trying to create. Reading, exercise, meditation—you name it, if it matters to you, put it on your calendar.

3. Start small. You might not be able to run five miles every day, but you can dedicate 30 minutes each day to moving your body. As the small habits develop, they are simpler to morph into your actual goals.

4. Write it down. It’s super-important that you write down your goals and the habits you’ll make to help you get there. But even more important? Regularly reflecting on your efforts toward success. The small act of journaling every day helps you stay accountable to yourself and to what you think is important.

Staying consistent with your daily habits can set you up to reach your goals. Ready to start building on your wellness goals? Setting up a subscription to wellness-boosting products is a great way to start!

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