Our Favorite Moments from XLC 2020

Xyngular XLC Event Recap

The Xyngular Leadership Conference, or XLC as we lovingly refer to it, took place “virtually” this year. Normally, XLC takes place in person and is the highlight of the year for Xyngular leaders that have reached the rank of Director, but nothing about this year has been normal!

Invited leaders were able to enjoy the two-day coaching event from the comfort of their own home and received a special surprise delivery on their doorstep the day of the event—a swag bag full of goodies to help them continue to grow their Xyngular team in the upcoming year.

We heard from so many inspiring speakers! Here’s a small sampling of what was shared at XLC 2020.

Marc Walker, Co-Founder: LEADING BY EXAMPLE

XLC kicked off with an inspiring talk from Marc Walker about the importance of leading by example and focusing on cultivating the talent in your organization:

“Successful leadership isn’t measured by the size of your business or the number of people in your organization, it’s about the number of LEADERS in your organization.”

Marc emphasized that strong leaders are strong teachers:

“It doesn’t matter what YOU can do. Success is all about helping others see how simple it is to share, sponsor, and grow others. Simplicity and duplication are key. If ANYONE can do what you do, they will. You have to show them, not tell them.”


Curtis Call explored the principles of leadership, including the leadership of teams and perhaps most importantly,the leadership of self:

“If we do the work and work hard, we will get results. If we are consistent in working hard, we will get consistent results. This is a foundational truth and a principle on which to establish leadership.”

“When I am in the service of other people, I feel joy. I feel a sense of fulfillment. Good things happen to me when I focus outward on other people. When I am thinking to myself, ‘what’s in it for them?’ not ‘what’s in it for me?’”

Curtis went on to talk about how your core leadership principles can help you navigate challenges by aligning yourself with your values:

“When you as a leader are in a storm, and when you face difficult times, you have to make sure that you are keenly focused on those principles. Make sure you are looking at how you are doing, and ask yourself if you are serving enough. Are you maintaining your integrity? Are you being honest? Are you working hard enough? Bring that focus back to you. Rather than playing a game of pointing blame on others, a principle-centered leader should be asking themself, what can I do better? Where can I help? Where can I serve more? What do I need to learn from this situation? Bring it all back into you. Center yourself as the leader.”

Stephanie Daley: GROWTH

How do you grow into a leader? Stephanie Daley shared her experience on how she’s grown with Xyngular over the last seven years, from a shy beginner to a seasoned team leader:

“You have to fill your mind. Think of your mind as a tool belt. You want to become a bucket filler for your team. Do you know the expression, “you can’t pour from an empty cup?” This is so true. At first, we borrow our coach’s words and passion as we work alongside them, but there becomes a pivotal moment where we need to become the leader and not the follower, and we need to own our actions.”

This shift in mindset was a turning point for Stephanie in her leadership journey:

“Consider your mindset. There is a growth mindset approach and a fixed mindset approach. I have found in my experience, that most people I come into contact with have a very fixed mindset. Leaders are different. They have an open mindset. Think of growth as failing forward. Mistakes are an opportunity for us to grow and learn. Think of growth as perseverance. Challenges help me become better, and they help me become a better leader.”

Raenell Taylor: GOALS

Raenell gave us a peek into how she actively manages her mindset to stay focused on her goals:

“You need to imagine that you have already hit that rank that you are shooting for. I had to ask myself, how would I act if I were an Executive? What would I do daily as an Executive? My mindset as an Executive was going to predict my success.”

Mindset is so important, but so is mapping out your actual day-to-day activities:

“I also set some non-negotiables that I would commit to doing every single day no matter what.”

Raenell’s daily “non-negotiables” keep her on track and have helped her and her team reach their aggressive goals.

“Does this take discipline doing these non-negotiables every day? You better believe it. There are days where it could be really easy to hit the snooze button, but if you are consistent, and stick with your goals, they will transform your life.”

Melanie Larsen: 90 DAY CHALLENGE

Regional Sales Director, Melanie Larsen, opened up the virtual round table segment of XLC and reminded our guests:

“When I think of development within myself, the most important thing that comes to my mind is that you cannot lift another until you stand on higher ground.”

She challenged attendees to consider Raenell’s guidance about daily mindset:

“Pick out three non-negotiables that will work for you. I want you to stick with these 3 things for the next 90 days. I promise you this will help you become a better leader.”

Ryan Barson, Senior VP of Sales: DUPLICATION

The secret to success? Ryan believes in duplication:

“Everything you need to know about network marketing, you learned in kindergarten. Follow the leader, show and tell, and learning to share. If you do those three things, it will make all the difference in the world. It really is that simple. Help the brand new people who are excited about getting on this journey and taking their next few steps to do the exact same thing. You help them to focus on their personal growth.”

“If you are focused on being a great teacher, you will be a great leader.”

Staci Rotello, Gold Executive: TEAM TIPS

The key to a successful business is a successful team! Staci shared her journey to Gold Executive and the practices she’s learned along the way:

“Connect your team. We build each other up, and we want everyone to do more and be more. Help them break down their numbers. If you have someone that says I want to be a Gold Director this month, break down what that looks like day by day to show them what they need to do in order to achieve that. If you don’t break it down for them, it’s like going on a road trip without a road map.”

Not only does Staci believe in drawing a road map, but she believes in sharing the journey:

“Make sure that you are helping your team duplicate the good things. Don’t ever ask your team to do something you do not do. We are not leading from above, we are leading alongside, and in the trenches.”

Amy Fuller, Executive: TEAM TIPS

Amy moved FAST up the ladder to Executive and has some key ideas on how she was able to do it:

“Chat with your team every day. Celebrate all the wins with your team!”

Amy’s team also started a critical practice:

“It’s called coffee with X. This is a zoom we do every morning at 9:30 am. We have motivational Monday, Tuesday tips, and we just piggyback off of each other’s ideas. This is one of my favorite things I do with my team. It helps us to encourage each other, and it helps us to bond as a team.”

Jana Dyer, Ambassador: TEAM TIPS

Not everyone in your organization will be a leader, and that’s okay. Jana talked in detail about finding and nurturing leaders in your organization and made a critical point about not micromanaging the really successful leaders in your group:

“Once they are flying on their own, get out of the way so they can develop their leadership. How do you support a successful leader? You ask them how they would like to be supported.”

Sheila Curtis, Platinum Executive: TEAM TIPS

Sheila is a big believer in showing her team how it’s done—model the behavior and show them how they can do it too:

“Give your distributors the freedom to duplicate and copy what you are doing while also allowing them to say it with their own voice and tone. Model the behavior you want to see, and let them use their voice. I am a “hey y’all” kind of girl, and they might not be.”

Tanya Crago, Platinum Executive: TEAM TIPS

A positive mindset matters! Tanya shared her advice for how to become a growing leader—someone that leads while continuing to improve and learn.

“You are meant to be a shining star. Don’t ever settle for where you are. Keep reaching for your goals. Know that whatever setbacks are, you can accomplish what your sights are set on.”

Deanna White, Platinum Executive: LEADERSHIP JOURNEY

The last few months of growth for Xyngular have been extraordinary. Deanna shared her perspective:

“I have been with Xyngular for over 8 years now. I have to say my journey has been amazing. What happened to our company in the last few months has been the cherry on top. The extreme growth that our company has been experiencing is because we have the best products and compensation plan, best corporate leadership and ownership, and most incredible distributor field. This has been so exciting, and today I want to talk about leadership during this growing season.”

When your team hits “growing pains”, Deanna offered advice:

“Show your team what to do. Stay the course. Stay in the trenches with your team.”

“I want us to make sure that this season of growth is not just a season of growth. I want this to be a movement. When I think about a movement, I see a body of people with arms linked together with a common focus and determination and passion to accomplish something.”

Russ Fletcher: CEO

XLC closed with an inspiring talk from CEO, Russ Fletcher full of praise and appreciation for the Xyngular community.

“We can build an entire network of people linked together through the passion of becoming more, and through the passion of helping people achieve more with their life than they ever thought possible. That’s why we do what we do. It’s a movement. It’s a company. It’s a family. We are all in this together. Thank you for what you have done, and for what we are going to do as we move forward.”

Even though XLC 2020 was missing our favorite element —seeing our Xyngular family in person–we enjoyed every second and can’t wait to see our leaders for XLC 2021.

If you’re new here and want to know more about the Xyngular opportunity to build your own business and build wealth you can see more here.

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