Loving Yourself Through Weight Loss


Experts agree that in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, we have to learn to love ourselves right now as we are. Otherwise, we get caught in a self-destructive cycle that either (1) leads to us gaining more weight; or (2) leads to us temporarily losing weight and then regaining it—plus some—over and over.

When you start comparing yourself to the seemingly perfect holistic yoga mom or rich and famous models you can be sure the desire to grab a tub of ice cream and a spoon gets quite a bit stronger because what makes us feel better when we’re feeling bad about ourselves? Our best friend, comfort food!

When we tell ourselves we’re fat or ugly or not good enough or that we can’t do anything, we often comfort ourselves with food. And not the kind of food that’s going to nourish our bodies, but the kind of food that’s going to bring temporary comfort: calorie-dense, low-nutrient foods that will eventually just make us feel worse!

Ever heard the saying that old habits are hard to break? There’s a reason it’s a saying. While losing weight can bring about many improvements to your health, it’s not a magic cure-all to life. You need to find happiness within yourself now—not sometime down the road when this happens or that happens.

5 Ways To Start Loving Yourself

Learning to love yourself here and now is the absolute best thing you can do to ensure a healthy body image and body weight. So here are a few exercises you can try to begin your journey of self-love.

Write Down or Even Say Out Loud All the Things You Like About Yourself

It might feel funny—or even hard—to do this at first. But self-affirming words really do make a difference in how you view beautiful, wonderful you! It’s going to take some time to reverse all that negative talk you’ve been doing, so be generous with yourself. Spend time every single day focused on what makes you unique and wonderful and perfect.

Be Mindful of the Foods You Put in Your Body

Just having a greater awareness of what you’re eating can help you better choose foods that will nourish your body versus slow it down. Remember that your body can do amazing things—be kind to it.

Practice Thorough Self-Love

Take long bubble baths, use yummy smelling lotions, get that pedicure or manicure you’ve been wanting to get, take care of yourself! We all need those days when we lounge around in our jammies—I have plenty of those! But it always makes me feel a little bit better when I get up, get dressed, and don’t worry about if I see every single person I know at Target.

Move Your Body

That doesn’t necessarily mean 90 minutes of extreme CrossFit daily. That could mean getting outside for a 20-minute walk. Parking a little further away from the entrance to the store. Dancing to your favorite tune on the radio. The more you can move that beautiful body, the more comfortable you’ll start to feel within your own skin.

Respect Your Body

Accept the genetics that you were given. If you wear a size 9 shoe, you don’t expect to squeeze into a size 6, right? Then why have any different expectations for the rest of your body? Respect the body you have and, for goodness’ sake, stop comparing it to everybody else’s! Consider all the amazing things that your body does for you each and every day and treat it with love and reverence.

As you learn to love yourself, a natural consequence will be treating your body with greater kindness. This, in turn, will result in feeding your body better foods and moving your body in more ways—and before you know it, you’ll have loved yourself to your perfect body for you!

Start Your Self-Love Journey Today

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Another Xyngular kit is the 8-Day Jumpstart program. Think of the system as a way to reset your lifestyle by weaning you off of the bad habits in your diet and teaching you to be mindful of the foods that you put into your body. The 8-Day Jumpstart helps achieve positive practices that are combined with a set of supplements that will help launch you into your successful weight loss journey while learning to respect your body. It comes with step-by-step guidelines including a calendar and meal plan in addition to the supplements. The ideas and habits and supplements that you will find in the 8-Day Jumpstart program will help guide you to increased health and better choices for years to come.

Log in to your Xyngular account or reach out to your Xyngular distributor to get started on one of their many successful kits, and start your self-love journey today.

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