Keto Sweets: 25 Best Keto Desserts for Your Low Carb Diet

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NO. No! No.

No is something we think we hear a lot when we’re dieting. And often, it’s true. But we’re here to tell you that on a smart keto diet, you can say YES to sweets! They just have to be the right kind of keto desserts—low in carbs, often high in fat, and utterly delicious.

Pin this page to refer back to and read on for 25 amazing keto desserts, along with other keto snack ideas, and keto science! After all, we’re after your health goal success and enjoyment along the way.

Can You Eat Sweets on Keto?

The answer is yes—you can eat sweets on keto! But if you’re thinking about grabbing a candy bar at the grocery store or indulging in some super-sugar, super-carb dessert at your next house party, you may have to think again. The thing with indulging in sweets on keto is that you have to be strategic. The idea is to tune your taste buds to a new, healthier type of yum.

Believe it or not, we’re all in a bit of a Western diet sugar trance and tend to think there is only one way to satisfy your sweet tooth. But we’re wrong. And it can take as little as 10 days to break a sugar habit and start to train your mind and body for better keto desserts that actually taste good!

What Can I Snack on During Keto?

Everything we know about ketosis tells us that we’re trying to fuel our bodies with something better than the carbs that only give us a short-term burst of energy, leading us directly into the spike-crash-crave cycle we’re so familiar with. That means that when our bodies tell us they’re ready for a pick-me-up, we need to reach for something more lasting and useful like protein or healthy fat. And if it needs to feel like a treat, go for something that always feels rich and delicious like bacon or full fat brie.

When those aren’t options or you need a keto snack that feels more on-the-go, you can always grab a handful of low carb nuts, some cottage cheese, greek yogurt, hummus and veggies, or hard boiled eggs.

How Do You Satisfy a Sweet Tooth on Keto?

But back to those keto desserts. One of the best ways to satisfy your sweet tooth on keto is to mix something that feels indulgent with something that ensures you’re sticking to the keto diet guidelines. That means staying within your macro percentages of 5% good carbs, 25% protein, and 70% fat.

Here are a few ideas that’ll start training those taste buds for a better way of sweet snacking on keto.

  • A small handful of macadamia nuts mixed with dark cacao nibs
  • Celery dipped in peanut butter with a few unsweetened chocolate chips on top
  • Berries piled high with whipped cream
  • A spoonful of almond butter with creamed coconut
  • Cottage cheese with a few peach slices
  • Bacon! (When cooked right, it will result in an indulgent caramelized fat, but you can up the ante by drizzling it with unsweetened chocolate!)

What Desserts Can I Eat on Keto?

But what about when you’re really looking to treat yourself and those traditional desserts are calling your name? Or what if you want a keto dessert to share so you’re not having to miss out at your next get together? Then it’s time to say yes to dessert with this awesome list of 25 keto desserts that are low in carbs and all taste amazing! We’re serving up everything from easy no bake keto desserts, keto desserts with just three ingredients, and keto desserts that even those not on a keto diet will be asking for more.

I think it’s clear that there are plenty of delicious keto desserts out there—which one will become your new favorite? Connect with Xyngular on social media and let us know! And bookmark our System Recipes page for more great keto and low carb recipes.

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