How to Use Unflavored Collagen In Coffee

How to Use Unflavored Collagen In Coffee

On those mornings when you tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen to pour yourself a cup of ambition, you might ask yourself if your coffee can do more than just give you a burst of caffeine. In our world of multitasking, a lot of people are putting collagen in coffee to make their morning beverage do double duty. Complete Collagen Unflavored is the perfect addition to your morning cup because it helps your cup pack a punch of body benefits and can be added without a noticeable change in flavor. Plus, you reap all the benefits of collagen in coffee. But, does hot coffee diminish the effectiveness of collagen? Let’s talk about the science behind collagen supplements, whether or not it’s worth your time to add to your coffee cup (spoiler alert: IT IS), and how to mix collagen in coffee the RIGHT way.

Can You Put Collagen In Coffee?

The simple answer to the question: “can you put collagen in coffee?” is a HARD YES! Some will tell you that the temperature of coffee can affect the benefits of a collagen supplement, making it less effective at high temperatures. This is true, to a certain degree, but you probably don’t drink your coffee hot enough to cause concern so let’s set the record straight.

When collagen is exposed to heat, it goes through a series of transitions. One of these transitions is a gelatinization of the collagen, meaning it changes form from liquid to a gelatin. Another transition is degradation, meaning it loses its effectiveness. The degradation of collagen due to heat happens at around 572 degrees Fahrenheit. For reference, the average cup of coffee is served at somewhere between 155-185 degrees Fahrenheit. So, unless you broil your coffee in the oven before you drink it, it’s unlikely that putting collagen in coffee will render it ineffective. So go ahead and add it to your coffee and make the most of your morning ritual and give your daily health an extra boost.

Benefits Of Adding Collagen To Your Coffee

There are a lot of benefits associated with taking a collagen supplement on its own, so why put collagen in coffee? Why wouldn’t you just take collagen on its own? Really, there’s no right or wrong answer here. A lot of it comes down to personal preference.

Some people prefer to take flavored collagen supplements. For those people, Xyngular Complete Collagen Pina Colada is the perfect choice. This powder mixes well with plain water and other flavored liquids including our Trimstix to add or enhance a light, tasty flavor that helps strengthen bones, improve gut health, assist with weight loss, and more. This type of collagen is for people who want their collagen routine to feel like a treat.

For those who prefer their collagen straight up, Complete Collagen Unflavored can’t be beat as an easy mix in for your morning brew, favorite smoothie, Trimstix or any other liquid because it doesn’t change the taste or add any additional flavor.

So why put collagen in coffee anyway? There are a couple of good reasons. The first has to do with a principle called habit stacking. The idea behind habit stacking is that you take something that’s already part of your routine, like drinking your morning coffee, and combine it with something else you want to do on a regular basis. In this case that would be taking a collagen supplement. By combining collagen and coffee into one action, you’re forming a new healthy habit.

Another good reason to put collagen in coffee is to utilize some of the collagen ingredients to offset how coffee affects your body. Many people don’t realize that caffeine slows down the body’s natural collagen production. Adding collagen to your coffee helps counteract the impact coffee has on your body’s natural supply of collagen, so you can enjoy your morning coffee without having to worry about how it will impact your health.

The Best Way To Add Collagen To Your Coffee

While putting collagen in coffee won’t make it lose potency, the heat may cause it to undergo a transition that alters its consistency, that’s why we recommend that avoid mixing it with liquid that is over 149 degrees. Unlike adding collagen to other liquids, it may turn slightly gelatinous in hot coffee because of the temperature. This is a source of frustration, and the top complaint when people first start adding collagen to their coffee. But never fear! If coffee is the best way to drink collagen powder for you, we can help you mix it in the right way. Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure your collagen dissolves properly, so you can get all the benefits of taking a collagen supplement while sipping your morning cup of joe.

How To Add Collagen To Your Coffee

  1. Since drip coffee is often served between 155-185 degrees, allow your coffee to cool off a bit.
  2. Add a scoop of Complete Collage to your desired creamer first in a separate container, mix well to desired consistency, then pour creamer/collagen mix into coffee and drink!
  3. We recommend using a battery-powered whisk for extra smooth consistency! These are easy to find on Amazon or at your local retailer too.

Try Collagen In Your Next Cup Of Coffee!

Are you ready to try putting collagen in coffee? Xyngular Complete Collagen now comes unflavored, making it the ideal mix-in for your coffee and more. Get all the benefits of collagen like better joint health, stronger muscles, a healthier gut, and more while getting your daily caffeine fix.

Like all Xyngular products, we created Xyngular Complete Collagen with the best, most effective ingredients and your body’s specific needs in mind. Easy to use and packed full of the best nutrients your body needs, Complete Collagen is the most superior collagen supplement on the market today! Get yours and start reaping the rewards of Complete Collagen by logging into your Xyngular account or contacting your Xyngular Distributor today!

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