How to Pregame this Holiday Season with Tummy Tamer

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The average person eats 7000 calories on Christmas day.

While the yummy treats and rich dishes are one of the best parts of the holiday season, those extra carbs, dairy, alcohol, and sugar add up. Even vegetable-based holiday sides are slathered in butter, sugar, or both.

Now, your mouth might be watering thinking of all of those delicious foods, but your gut might be ready to go on strike. Lots of those delicious foods not only pack on pounds, but they wreak havoc on your digestive system, and it can take months to get your gut back on track.

It’s hard to turn down those delicious once-a-year holiday dishes! Nostalgia, tradition, and the joy of enjoying a meal with family and friends is a really important part of the holiday season.

What if we told you that you didn’t have to turn them down this year? This year you can enjoy the holidays without the tummy troubles that usually come along with the season.

With the right supplements and some moderation, you can enjoy the delicious holiday meals you love without digestive distress. Pregaming your holiday season with Tummy Tamer from Xyngular will give you the perfect balance of eating what you love, avoiding uncomfortable digestive issues, and enjoying a healthier holiday season.

Why We Love And Hate The Holiday Season

Everyone loves the holidays, except the parts we don’t. And while we may love memory-making, gift-giving, travel, and a general feeling of togetherness, all of those factors can be stressors as well. In fact, one study found that 88% of people felt more stressed around the holidays, a staggering number, especially considering that women feel the burden of holiday stress at a higher rate than men. All this stress can lead to unhealthy habits like missing workouts, overeating, and overindulging in alcohol.

The gastrointestinal consequences of overeating, especially dense holiday dishes, make the holidays a minefield of digestive problems. The cycle of stress eating, digestive discomfort, stress about the digestive discomfort, and then more stress eating goes on and on, making your holidays far less bright.

While the realities of a busy holiday season may be somewhat out of our control, we can always give our bodies the support needed to function properly, especially during a busy, stressful season. And while you may not have as much time to go to the gym, or that piece of pie is just too enticing to refuse, there are easy ways to ensure your body is ready for the season's delicious dishes—with Tummy Tamer from Xyngular.

This easy-to-use system combines the power of four of our best digestive supplements to help your body break down and absorb food while efficiently removing waste and toxins. Adding these supplements to your daily routine doesn’t require any extra effort on your part, it’s as simple as one pill in the morning, taking a chewable with lunch and dinner, and adding some delicious powders to your drinks. It’s easier than ever to have a great holiday season without the stressful results of an unhealthy digestive system!*

How Tummy Tamer Will Help

We can’t help that family gatherings, huge meals, decorations, gifts, parties, outfits, and creating magic for your kids are stressors for the season. And we often feel helpless when dealing with the effects of holiday burnout and stress. No one likes to feel sluggish, too full, angry, tired, overweight, uncomfortable, or run down. But stress and holidays can result in unpleasant consequences if we don’t take care of our bodies.

Many of the worst symptoms of holiday burnout like low energy, weight gain, and digestive issues, can be combated with a bundle built to support your gut. Tummy Tamer gives your body support on multiple fronts to ensure you can handle the overwhelm of the holiday season. You can’t control that the holidays will bring stressors into your life, but you do have the power to control how you respond to them by giving your gut a boost of easy-to-use supplements all aimed at increasing your gut health.*

Four powerhouse Xyngular products work in concert to help prepare and support your gut through your holiday meals*: Complete Probiotic, Complete Prebiotic, Complete Collagen, and Complete Digestive Aid.

Complete Probiotic supports your digestive system by increasing the beneficial bacteria in your gut with 20 billion CFU’s and 11 strains of feel-good bacteria, leading to better absorption of nutrients as well as a more stable mood.*

Complete Prebiotic supports stable blood sugar, helping you avoid crashes that make you reach for sugary foods, as well as providing fuel to the healthy bacteria in your gut.*

Complete Collagen has digestive enzymes and fulvic acid, helping your digestive system process food and remove waste, but it also helps improve muscle, joint, bone, skin, hair, and nail health.*

Complete Digestive Aid breaks down your food for easy digestion, but it also reduces bloating and gas that becomes even more problematic when you overeat dense foods. When you take all these supplements together, your body has all the support it needs to help you get through holiday meals without digestive discomfort.*

When to Take Your Tummy Tamer Products

Your digestive system is called a system for a reason, it is made up of multiple parts with different jobs that work together to digest your food. It makes sense then to support your digestive system with a system of products, all with different jobs.

  • Start with Complete Probiotic in the morning before you eat to add in all the healthy bacteria your body needs to break down all the different foods you will eat.*
  • Mid-morning take Complete Prebiotic to support the healthy bacteria from Complete Probiotic and help support stable blood sugar.
  • Before lunch take 1-2 Complete Digestive Aid chewables to help your body more easily break down your food*, especially the extra food you might eat during a holiday meal. (Looking at you, Thanksgiving.)
  • After lunch add a scoop of Complete Collagen to your afternoon beverage or smoothie or just add to water (the Pina Colada flavor is delicious on its own!) Complete Collagen helps your gut break down food, as well as supports joint, muscle, and immune health.*
  • Before dinner take 1-2 more Complete Digestive Aid, giving your body one last boost at the end of the day to help digest your food efficiently and avoid uncomfortable bloating.*

Get Your Gut On The “Nice” List

Tummy Tamer can take your gut off the “naughty” list and put it on the “nice” list. The last thing you need during the busy holiday season is one more thing to think about and research. That’s why Tummy Tamer should sit at the top of your Christmas list: it’s the easiest way to give your gut healthy bacteria, digestive enzymes, fuel that will keep you full, and protein to help keep you satiated. With so many responsibilities on your plate, make sure that you have Tummy Tamer to help you avoid bloating, weight gain, and gut discomfort.*

The holidays can be magical again when you prioritize your mental and physical health by trying Tummy Tamer from Xyngular. Give yourself the ultimate gift of a healthy gut by logging into your account or contacting your Xyngular distributor today to buy Tummy Tamer.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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