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How Keto Helps You Lose Weight

How Does Ketosis Help With Weight Loss?

When weight loss is your goal, the keto meal plan is a great option, because it causes your body to use its fat stores as its main source of fuel through a metabolic process called, ketosis.

Here’s an in-depth explanation of ketosis and how it works.

Switching Fuel Sources

The normal American diet can largely consist of carbohydrates. We get carbohydrates from foods like breads, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

As we metabolize these carbohydrates, they get broken down into sugar called, glucose. Our body then uses this glucose as energy. 

Fat is also a great fuel source for our bodies and in order to switch from glucose to fat, we need to change up our diets.

Reaching Ketosis 

In order to get our bodies to transition from using glucose as energy to using fat, we need to reach ketosis.

This happens when we cut back on the amount of carbohydrates we eat increase our fat intake. 

Once our glucose stores run out, we have reached ketosis and have started using our fat stores as energy.

How Does Ketosis Work?

Your liver plays an important part in ketosis by breaking down fat into what are called, ketones — the energy your body uses to function properly. 

During ketosis, your insulin levels drop, which are responsible for regulating blood sugar. When your blood sugars increase, insulin triggers a reaction to turn that excess glucose in to fat.

Since your carbohydrates are greatly limited through the keto meal plan, less glucose is stored as fat, and your body can now use its current fat stores and the fat from your diet as fuel.

This creates a great way to lose excess weight.

How Do I Know When I’m In Ketosis?

There are few ways you can find out whether you’ve reached ketosis or not. The first option is to use breath ketone analyzers. These analyzers measure the number of ketones found in your breath.

Another option is through urine strips. Since excess ketones are deposited through urine, you can use these strips to find out if you’ve reached ketosis. 

The last and best option is a blood ketone meter. These little meters take a very small sample of your blood and test it for ketones.

Ketosis for Weight Loss

Your keto meal plan is a great way to increase weight-loss results. Many people have seen success with the keto meal plan and you can too.

The meal plan is easy to follow and specifically designed to help you start seeing the results you want.

Just be sure to stick to the plan, as it is easy to throw yourself out of ketosis. 

As you continue down your health and weight-loss journey, the keto meal plan can greatly speed up results.
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