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xyngular complete prebiotic

There has been plenty of talk in the last several years about good gut health. At this point, we know we need it, but do we know how to create a healthy microbiome full of the right stuff in order to reap all the benefits of good gut health? For instance, are you using a good probiotic? How about the right organic prebiotic? Do you know the difference between the two? Where do you even start??

First, let’s get a couple of definitions out of the way. A probiotic is a food or supplement that contains good bacteria for a healthy gut, while a prebiotic is a food or supplement that nourishes the human microflora. Simply put, you need probiotics for healthy living (we’ll get into a more detailed “why” in a bit), and you need prebiotics to fuel your probiotics.

So how do you get these good prebiotic powers into your system to support a thriving microbiome? Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is a great place to start. Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is our proprietary blend of ingredients clinically demonstrated to improve gut health by providing diverse organic prebiotic fibers from real, organic foods and plant polyphenols. Within hours, Xyngular Complete Prebiotic works to feed the beneficial bacteria in your microbiome, supporting your gut health and overall weight wellness.*

But the benefits of Xyngular Complete Prebiotic don’t end there.

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic Key Ingredients & Their Benefits

Each of our prebiotic supplement ingredients chosen for Xyngular Complete Prebiotic was carefully selected to not only perform its own function but work in perfect harmony with the rest of the ingredient list—with the ultimate goal of nourishing good gut bacteria, promoting a healthy metabolism, and supporting healthy digestion.* But that doesn’t mean that the benefits of having a healthy gut end at having a healthy gut. Your gut health affects your entire body on a cellular level. From supporting a healthy immune system and increasing sleep quality to regulating mood and improving mental health, your gut is central to feeling well daily and for years to come.

In order to support a healthy gut, we have created two exclusive blends that work in tandem within Xyngular’s organic prebiotic product—namely the Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend™ and the Good Gut Blend™.

Xyngular Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend™

The Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend™ contains a diverse blend of organic, plant-derived prebiotic fibers for a bloat-free experience. Combining just the right amounts of organic apple fiber, organic green banana fiber, partially hydrolyzed organic guar gum, organic rice fiber, and organic acacia fiber helps to promote healthy gut flora, digestive balance, and optimal immune function (80% of which lives in your gut!).*

Let’s take a closer look at each element of the Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend™ and some of the benefits they can provide you.

  • Organic Apple Fiber—Noted for benefits ranging from increased circulation to enhancing liver function and promotion of healthy gut flora, apple fiber is a key component of our organic prebiotic. It can also have a soothing effect on irritated intestinal lining, helping to ensure that its fiber effects are as gentle as possible.
  • Organic Green Banana Fiber—While green banana is another good-guy gut feeder, it’s also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and resistant starch which is another way to reduce gastrointestinal distress and even lower cholesterol.
  • Partially Hydrolyzed Organic Guar Gum—PHGG has been clinically proven to increase bifidogenic effects in our gut, meaning it increases a specific strain of good bacteria and leaves less room for the bad guys. This ingredient can support or maintain a healthy immune system function and better digestion.
  • Organic Rice Fiber—This type of fiber can help reduce appetite, improve bowel regularity, and provide targeted antioxidants to help protect the stomach and intestinal lining.
  • Organic Acacia Fiber—Acacia fiber is another vital ingredient in the Xyngular prebiotic as it promotes the growth and nourishment of good gut bacteria while promoting healthy weight loss and management.*

As if the Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend™ weren’t enough to support healthy digestion and promote a healthy gut, it is cleverly paired with the Xyngular Good Gut Blend™ for ultimate results.

Xyngular Good Gut Blend™

The Good Gut Blend™ contains a strategic variety of botanical prebiotic anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are in the flavonoid category of polyphenols, which are natural compounds found in plant foods that often act as antioxidants, helping to protect healthy cells.

Let’s examine the benefits of the green tea extract, bilberry fruit extract, pomegranate fruit extract, and European blueberry leaf that make up the Good Gut Blend™.

  • Green Tea Extract—Aside from its antioxidant properties, the catechins and caffeine found in green tea have been shown to enhance thermogenesis, assisting in healthy weight loss. It can also be helpful in improving performance during and recovery from exercise.
  • Bilberry Fruit Extract—Bilberry, sometimes commonly known in the U.S. as huckleberry, has a history replete with health benefits. Its historical and current uses include relief from occasional diarrhea, nausea, and indigestion.
  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract— Supporting heart health is one of the benefits of the pomegranate, but gut-centric benefits include digestive support through more of the bifidogenic effect introduced by PHGG above.
  • European Blueberry Leaf—While this ingredient has myriad benefits (from promoting better skin to better brain health), its presence in the Good Gut Blend™ is mainly to support healthy blood sugar levels and ease any stomach upset—think cramps or diarrhea.

The goal of Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is to offer an exclusive blend of natural ingredients designed to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut and support a healthy microbiome. Our prebiotic supplement ingredients nourish the good guys, optimize the efficacy of your probiotic, and create a foundation for overall health and well-being.*

What Makes Xyngular’s Complete Prebiotic Different?

One of the first things that stands out about Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is that it is formulated using the same ideology and critical research as the rest of our Xyngular products. So while each supplement has a specific focus, all are made with the same goal in mind—to promote shifts toward sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes so you can become your best self! This means you can trust this complete prebiotic the same way you can trust your other beloved Xyngular products like Xyngular Complete Probiotic, Complete Collagen, Complete Digestive Aid, and more.

But even if you haven’t experienced a Xyngular lifestyle just yet, there are other important factors that make Xyngular Complete Prebiotic stand out from the crowd.

  • It’s made with the right combination of clean, organic ingredients. We discussed the key ingredients and their benefits above (remember—a bloat-free experience complete with healthy gut support, digestion support, mood support, metabolism support, immune system support, etc.) but you should also note that each ingredient is completely organic and naturally sourced to ensure that you get the highest quality prebiotic on the market.*
  • It’s diet and lifestyle friendly. Xyngular Complete Prebiotic is different from other prebiotics in that it is completely free of the most common allergens and diet restrictions. It contains no fish, shellfish, soy, dairy, gluten, nuts, or dairy. It’s also made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-compliant facility right here in the United States.
  • It’s easy to take and totally delicious. You simply mix the easy-tear stick packet contents into 8-10 oz of water, or any other beverage of choice, and drink up once a day! The delicious triple berry can be enjoyed on its own or combined with another part of your daily regimen, such as Xyngular Trimstix.

3 Things To Look For In A Prebiotic Supplement

While not every person has the same exact needs, there are a few things to look for across the board when seeking out a good prebiotic supplement.

First, you want to make sure that the supplement comes from a reputable company that knows what they’re doing and manufactures its products in a healthy, safe environment. This can help ensure that you’re getting the product you’ve been promised and that it will do what that company is promising it will do. It’s also nice if that company offers a complementary probiotic to work alongside the prebiotic you’ve chosen.

Secondly, check the ingredients list. Powder is often better than a pill as the latter typically won’t contain enough prebiotic material to have a significant effect. Double-check individual ingredients in a potential prebiotic for both their intended and side effects to ensure the product is not only safe for you personally, but that the company isn’t using ingredients that mimic the true effects of good prebiotic sources.

Third, you need to find out if the product works for you. Yes, this is going to happen after a purchase, but it’s imperative that you test the prebiotic yourself and experience the healthful results in order to truly understand its benefits. Recognizing the shifts in how your body and mind feel while using the right prebiotic supplement is key to continuing on a path of long-term healthful change and growth.

Xyngular Complete Prebiotic: Your Path To Improved Gut Health

If you’re looking for your path to improved gut health, Xyngular Complete Prebiotic may just be the solution. Specially formulated with clean, natural sources of probiotic-fueling fruit fibers and antioxidant-rich polyphenols, our Organic Prebiotic Fiber Blend™ and Good Gut Blend™ combine to support a healthy microbiome flourish, while offering support for a healthy metabolism, weight management, better digestion, mood stability, and more overall well-being.*

Ready to get your own Xyngular Complete Probiotic? Log in to your Xyngular account or give us a call at 801-610-4580 today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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