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Let’s just state the obvious: The last thing anyone wants to add to the rest of life’s woes is digestive trouble. And even if you’re eating a fairly balanced and healthy diet, some things may just not work well with your particular digestive system, or you may be looking to increase its efficiency and your overall well-being!

What you need is a complete digestive aid that will break down every food group, improve digestion and nutrient absorption, and reduce gas and bloating for a more comfortable meal and post-meal experience!* And that’s where the uniquely-formulated Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid comes into play.

Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid Key Ingredients & Their Benefits

Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid™ combines two proprietary blends to deliver a comprehensive lineup of broad-spectrum digestive enzymes and organic gut-soothing ingredients to improve overall gastrointestinal health*—the Complete Digestive Enzyme Blend™ and the Organic Anti-Bloat Botanicals™.

Let’s look at the ingredients making up the Complete Digestive Enzyme Blend™ first. With three different forms of Protease along with Peptidase, Bromelain, and Papain, our digestive aid supplement is ready to help your body digest protein in its many forms. Amylase, Alpha Galactosidase, Beta Glucanase, Glucoamylase, and Invertase go to work instantly breaking down carbs, and Lipase puts effort into the breakdown of any fats you’ve consumed. Next, fiber gets broken down by Cellulase, Hemicellulase, and Xylanase while dairy is taken care of by the Lactase all wrapped up in the Complete Digestive Enzyme Blend™.*

Now, if that seemed like a lot of nonsense to you, here is the basic takeaway—nutrient-dense foods can cause plenty of digestive discomfort because of their complex nature. The 14 broad-spectrum digestive enzymes found in Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid reduce that discomfort by helping break food particles down into more manageable and usable bits, which means maximizing nutritional delivery to your body. And if that weren’t enough good news, another one of our chewable digestive aid benefits is that it goes to work immediately by activating on first contact with your food. This means fewer instances of indigestion, no more waiting days for relief (if it comes at all), and less food avoidance for you!*

The second blend of powerful ingredients working for you in our Complete Digestive Aid is the Organic Anti-Bloat Botanicals™. Containing organic dandelion root and organic ginger root, our digestive aid supplement delivers a soothing post-meal experience instantly helping to prevent and ease gas and bloating while optimizing every stage of digestion.*

But again, one of the things that set Xyngular products apart from others on the market is the broad perspective of overall wellness. This means that while ingredients are often chosen to achieve targeted results, they’re also often used for their broad range of additional health benefits. For instance, dandelion is chock-full of vitamins and minerals and has also been known for its antioxidant properties, as well as its possible roles in detoxification and immunity support. Likewise, ginger root has long been leaned on for fighting free radicals, as well as for relief from nausea.*

The formula for Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid is rounded out by a few other clean ingredients and is created in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-compliant facility right here in the United States. The chewable digestive aid supplement is also free of common allergens to ensure optimal performance for any diet.

What Makes Xyngular’s Complete Digestive Aid Different?

Part of what makes Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid different from other digestive enzyme supplements available is that it is more of a comprehensive offering than most others on the market. Because of the full range of digestive enzymes in the Xyngular-specific formula, you’re not required to juggle a multitude of supplements depending on what you choose to eat. Our Complete Digestive Aid goes to work at first bite, breaking down your entire meal while others target only the dairy or gluten in your food, making every bit of it more available for nutrient absorption.*

Another key difference between Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid and its competitors is its ease and subtlety of use. Designed as a simple chewable tablet you’re ready for any occasion. You can carry them in your purse and take your digestive enzymes with the first few bites of your meal without drawing attention.

And one more vital differentiating factor of our Complete Digestive Aid? Because it goes to work immediately, the relief you experience related to indigestion happens almost as fast. Rather than waiting days for your digestive support supplement to alleviate your symptoms, Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid offers optimal support and eliminates stomach discomfort, decreases nausea, and reduces common food sensitivities before food even passes your mouth.*

We set out to design a Complete Digestive Aid to break down protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sugar, and dairy, all in one. One that will improve digestion and nutrient absorption. And one that reduces gas and bloating related to eating nutrient-dense meals. One that was easy to take and would help make lives more simple, and simply better. And we did!*

3 Important Things To Look For In A Digestive Enzyme Supplement

When you’re shopping around for a digestive enzyme supplement, there are several highly crucial things you should be on the lookout for.

First, rather than targeting one specific area of trouble that you’re trying to negate, you should be looking for a broad-spectrum digestive supplement. Having your digestive aid go to work on your entire meal rather than a small portion of it will be a game changer, even if you think you’re only dealing with one kind of food intolerance.

Next, look for digestive aid ingredients that are plant-based and free of other unnecessary fillers. There is no reason to address one issue if you’re going to add stress to the rest of your system with unnatural chemicals, dyes, etc.

Lastly, you definitely want a product from a company you can trust. Make sure to do your research about a company’s research practices, manufacturing, and overall mission. And it’s a definite added bonus if they foster a community of like-minded individuals ready to champion you on your journey to better digestion and overall wellness!

And, in case you couldn’t see it coming, Xyngular checks all these necessary boxes and more. With Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid you get a supplement full of clean, natural ingredients that help to break down every food group on contact. You get the added bonuses of powerful botanical additions to further soothe and support better digestion. And you’re getting it all from a company that cares about and has plenty of experience in helping create a better, healthier you from the inside out!*

Digest Best With Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid

Digest your best with our chewable, Complete Digestive Aid—formulated with 14 digestive enzymes and two additional botanicals for a soothing, bloat-free, full-spectrum impact on your digestive system.*

It’s time to turn the tables on indigestion, gas, bloating, food intolerance, and general post-meal discomfort! Log in to your Xyngular account or give us a call at 801-610-4580 to experience maximum nutrient absorption and optimal digestion with Xyngular Complete Digestive Aid today!*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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