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Running is an excellent way to burn calories, keep your metabolism up, and shed unwanted pounds. In fact, you can burn nearly 300 calories running a fairly casual 10-minute mile for 30 minutes.

But many of us hold the belief that running is a “hate it” or “love it” activity — either you get the runner’s high or you dread every step. And because the best way to lose weight is to do something you really love, those who think they hate running usually don’t entertain it as a weight loss exercise option.

In reality, running is a sport almost anyone can grow to love by following the proper techniques and easing in slowly. Whether you’re a newbie or an old timer, read on for some helpful tips on how to form a habit of running and develop good techniques that will help you reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Find a happy medium

The more miles you run, the more calories you burn. So in theory, you could run as many miles as possible to reach your goal weight. But running also causes fatigue and hunger, especially if you overexert yourself. Hence, the best plan is to find a happy medium. Start out small and gradually build your mileage. One easy way to do this is by following a beginners half-marathon training guide (even if you don’t plan to run the full half-marathon).

Interval training

Studies have shown that fast running is a very effective way to torch fat. Like HiiT workouts and other trends of the time, interval training is a form of running that requires maximum output in short intervals. Try sprinting uphill in 30-second intervals, then walk down the hill for recovery. This is easier on your joints and will maximize weight loss.

Eat well

Even though you’re burning a lot of calories on your runs, it’s still important to watch your diet. You can never out-exercise poor food choices. While a calorie deficit is the best way to lose weight, newer studies suggest that eating nutrient-dense foods is more important than restricting calories. Eat a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, whole grains, and protein like meat, fish, and legumes.

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