6 Ways to Use Trimstix Orange Pineapple to Grow Your Business

Trimstix Orange Pineapple Grows Your Business

We’re bringing back a WILDLY popular flavor of one of our most popular products! Do you know what that means for you—the Xyngular distributor community? So many great things! Here are a few…

Trimstix Orange Pineapple Will DELIGHT Your Customers

We brought this delicious fan-favorite flavor back for a reason! We love it and customers have been begging for its return. What does this mean for you? That you’ve got another bestseller to hit the market with!

The customers that loved the Orange Pineapple flavor the first time we released it will be eager to know it has returned, so reach out to them to let them know their favorite flavor is back! And those customers that loaded up on Trimstix Pink Lemonade (helping to sell out in under 48 hours!) or the ones that we’re so bummed that they missed out—well, they’ll be eager to know that another sweet and citrusy flavor is being added to the Xyngular product line. And your dedicated Trimstix Fruit Punch lovers will be interested in a flavor that will expand their options for their favorite on-the-go drink option!

So get the word out about Trimstix Orange Pineapple right away!

Trimstix is an Outstanding Tool for Reducing Cravings

Trimstix was created using a patented, naturally sourced proprietary blend of ingredients shown to curb unwanted sugar cravings and quell appetite in healthy individuals. It’s the perfect not-so-secret weapon for handling the upcoming candy and holiday season and its onslaught of treats!*

So reach out to your customers and arm them with the 10-calorie mix that will help them keep to their health goals when all those delicious goodies start making the rounds. Share your Trimstix experience and how you use this sweet, citrusy drink to help you stay strong and limit your sugar intake when temptation levels are high.*

Trimstix is a Fantastic Energy Booster

Do you know someone that is juggling a lot right now? (You probably know MORE than a few!) Now more than ever, your customers are looking for a healthy energy boost. The sort of energy that makes you feel good without the jitters...and without the crash that comes from sugar and carbs. Let your customers know that you’ve got the portable and delicious energy boost they’ve been looking for! Because Trimstix not only curbs sugar cravings and controls appetite, but it also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Ready to share Trimstix Orange Pineapple with your customers? Here are a few best practices to revisit before you reach out...

Make It Personal

You know the old cliché: “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Yuck. Toss it out because in this business, it IS personal—and not only that, it is a foundational rule for success.

Let’s face it—no one likes to be “sold” to. But you know what people do like? Authenticity, connection, and friendship. And obviously when you combine that with a (proverbial OR literal!) refreshing glass of crave-curbing Trimstix Orange Pineapple…forget about failure!*

The key is to make sure everyone who interacts with you (i.e. your social media accounts, your neighborhood, your contacts list, etc.) has a solid understanding that you care—and THAT’S why they can trust the powerful, proven, health-boosting products you’re promoting.

“So glad I said yes to this amazing system. I’m down 4 sizes and at 18.8 % fat. I can see how all my body parts are shrinking! I have never been small so for someone that once was size 16—this is priceless!*” -Tilita S., Facebook Community*

No Two Xyngular Distributors Are The Same

No distributors are the same, which is great—since no two customers are. Your business is unique to you, just as the needs of each customer is. Which means that comparison is futile.

That’s not to say you can’t learn something from the greatest distributors out there, but make sure to only integrate what you know will genuinely fit for you and your clients. If you’re not a great cold-caller don’t try to tackle that right now. But if you see that someone has created an amazing follow-up strategy that inspires you—integrate something similar into your business!

Just make sure that you can back it up. Because ultimately, it’s your business.

“My life has changed so much because of using these products that I want each person that asks to know that there is an option for them and there is an answer for what they are seeking.”

-Xyngular Distributor

Trial and Error Are Part of the Business

Adaptation is integral to serving your customers as their needs and challenges evolve.

Whether that means shaking up your communication strategy or product emphasis, or doing a deeper dive on clientele needs, don’t be afraid to make tweaks. You never know—this could be the month that you strike gold!

“So I didn’t open my Trimstix for at least a couple of weeks after I got my box of goodies! Guess I was kinda overwhelmed with it all. But once I did, I have to have it every day! It goes everywhere I go! Flavor is great and gets me through my day.” -Kimberly C., Facebook Community

And when all other advice fails or you just need a quick reminder of why you got into the biz, just remember—the Xyngular community is meant to be fun! The corporate team and distributor community is all about supporting each other, encouraging each other, and helping people live healthy, energetic lives.

Ready to Start Your Own Xyngular Business?

There are so many fantastic Xyngular products to share, including Trimstix Orange Pineapple! If you’re reading this as a member or customer and are ready to become a part of this fantastic community of business builders, get more information about Xyngular here.

Trimstix Orange Pineapple is a product that your customers can’t wait to hear about! Login to your Xyngular account to get your hands on Trimstix Orange Pineapple today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Lose up to 15 pounds in 8 days. Lose an additional 1-2 pounds or more each week following the 8-Day Jumpstart Results are not guaranteed and can vary.

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