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Lose up to 15 pounds in your first 8 days.

We've been leading the pack in weight loss for over a decade, so when we say we're #1, we mean it.

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We're the best in the biz
Losing weight is what we do here. Proven products, a supportive community, and a realistic meal plan all attribute to our unrivaled results.

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Daily Products for Optimal Health
Weight loss is just the beginning with Xyngular. We know that overall wellness is the real long-term goal, and that's why we have dedicated wellness products, too.

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Subscriptions keep your health top of mind.
What, you can subscribe to 3 different streaming services but not to high quality supplements that help you stay healthy?

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If it’s not the best, it’s not for us (or you!).
Superior formulas and ethically sourced ingredients make the highest quality supplements. We don't skimp on the science or high standards. Ever. So you'll get real results, rooted in science.

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Eat Good, Feel Good

Boring broccoli and bland chicken are so last year. It's time for healthy recipes that taste good and make you feel good! We work with trained nutritionists to curate quality recipes that range from salads and soups all the way to steaks. Download your free 20 recipe cookbook and start eating better today!

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What makes Xyngular different?

More Than a Store...

What makes Xyngular different?

We’re sharing the love in more ways than one.

At Xyngular, not only are we passionate about creating the greatest products known to humankind, we’re passionate about sharing the wealth. Sound like something you could get on board with? Great! Because you can. If you want to share these amazing products, we’ll pay you to do just that.

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