FAQ: Advanced Omega

Q: What is the main purpose of Advanced Omega?    
A: To support healthy levels of essential Omega fatty acids in the body, supporting heart health, brain health, and overall well-being.

Q: How much does Advanced Omega cost at retail and wholesale?
A: $61 retail, and $50.99 wholesale

Q: What is the PV of Advanced Omega?
A: 30 PV

Q: How do you recommend using Advanced Omega?
A: We recommend taking Advanced Omega once daily, ideally first thing in the morning

Q: Is there soy in Advanced Omega?
A: No, there is no soy in Advanced Omega.

Q: What makes Advanced Omega different from other Omega products? 
A: Advanced Omega is formulated with the perfect ratio of EPA and DHA fatty acids, while also including DPA, a vital fatty acid that boosts the effects of both EPA and DHA.

Q: Should I eat food before taking Advanced Omega?
A: No, we recommend taking Advanced Omega before eating.

Q: How many different Omegas does Advanced Omega contain?
A: Advanced Omega contains 1,000mg of purely Omega-3 fatty acids.

Q: I hear fish oils can go bad quickly, does Advanced Omega have an expiration date? How is the shelf life stability of Advanced Omega?
A: Through a proprietary distillation process, Advanced Omega is processed to allow for a 2-year shelf life

Q: Should this product be taken before or after exercise?
A: It is not required, but you can use Advanced Omega post-exercise to aid in reducing exercise-related inflammation. 

Q: What other products can Advanced Omega be taken with?
A: Advanced Omega can be taken with all Xyngular products

Q: Where is Advanced Omega made?
A: Advanced Omega is made in United States

Q: Does Advanced Omega contain fish or shellfish?
A: Yes, Advanced Omega’s Omega-3s come from sustainably-sourced menhaden fish, one of the purest Omega-3 fatty acid sources in the world.

Q: Does Advanced Omega taste or smell like fish?       
A: No, because of the proprietary processing techniques we use, Advanced Omega has no “fishy” smell or odor.

Q: Does Advanced Omega contain nuts?
A: No nuts of any kind are included in Advanced Omega.

Q: Does Advanced Omega contain caffeine or other stimulants?
A: No, Advanced Omega contains no stimulants.

Q: How much Advanced Omega should you take in a day, and when?
A: You should consume 1 serving upon waking up for best results, or whenever convenient for you.

Q: Can you take Advanced Omega if you are pregnant or nursing?
A: Yes, but we recommend consulting with your doctor.